Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

University of Minnesota student Truman Rickard composed our state's song in 1904 and it was first heard on Class Day, May 28 of that year.  The second verse, which originally honored the University's president, was replaced by one written by the editor of the campus newspaper, Arthur Upton.  As the university's song, it was sung at football games and other college functions.  It was replaced at university functions by the "Minnesota Rouser." "Hail Minnesota" gradually came into use at more general state functions and in 1945 the state legislature declared it the state song.

Hail Minnesota 

Minnesota, hail to thee!
Hail to thee, our state so dear,
Thy light shall ever be
A beacon bright and clear.
Thy sons and daughters true
Will proclaim thee near and far,
They shall guard thy fame and adore thy name;
Thou shalt be their Northern Star.

Like the stream that bends to sea,
Like the pine that seeks the blue;
Minnesota, still for thee
Thy sons are strong and true.
From the woods and waters fair;
From the prairies waving far,
At thy call they throng with their shout and song;
Hailing thee their Northern Star.

Hail Minnesota - State Song

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