The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Each year the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers awards a scholarship for use at an accredited college within the boundaries of the original Minnesota Territory.

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Scholarship Recipients & Essays




2009Travis J. Byrne
Why A Minnesota Sesquicentennial?
2010Travis Pendley
Oza Windib: Giver of Veritas Caput(PDF)
2011Hannah Rivard

The Emblazoned Heart: The Minnesota Territory

under the bold guidance of Joseph Rolette, Jr.

2012James Dahlgren
Untitled response re: US-Dakota War of 1862
2013Devyn Lemke

The Origins of Minnesota’s Pride: Cadwallader C.

Washburn and the Minneapolis Milling Company

2014Christopher Bankers
The Role of Religion in the Settlement of the Minnesota Territory

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