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The Minnesotan of the Year in the Arts is recognized at the Annual Membership Meeting in May for an outstanding contribution in the fields of Painting, Sculpture, Writing, Music, Theater, Arts Administration or Arts Philanthropy.  The recipient must have made a lasting contribution nationally or internationally in his or her field.  The 'arts philanthropy' category includes those who are not necessarily artists, but have made a significant contribution to the arts as a volunteer, philanthropist, or visionary. The first year for the award was 1981.

Minnesotan of the Year

Previous Award Recipients



Contribution to the Arts

1981Clement Haupers  Artist, painter
1982Lloyd Herfendahl  Artist, Painter
1983Frederick Manfred  Author, novelist
1984Dominick Argento  Musician, composer
1985Don Stoltz  Arts and theater director
1986Russell Fridley  History and arts administrator
1987Paul Granlund  Artist, sculptor
1988David Maass  Artist, wildlife artist
1989Richard Lack  Artist, painter
1990Ronald Hubbs  Music and history philanthropist
1991Nina Archibal  History and arts administrator
1992Jon Hassler  Author, novelist
1993Michael Barone  Musicologist, host Pipe Dreams
1994Robert Bly  Author, poet
1995Steve Thayer  Author
1996Stephen Paulus  Composer
1998Dr. John Arnold  Author
2000Chris Matteson  Painter
2003Anita Buck  Historian, author
2005Hubert "Skip" Humphrey
2006Hal Cropp  Executive director, Commonweal Theater
2007Warren Nelson  Artistic Director of the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua
2008Heid, Lise and Louise Erdich  Ojibwe Storytellers
2011Annette Atkins  Author
2012Steve Trimble  Author, educator, community leader
2014Larry Millett  Author, historian, architectural critic