The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Ronald Hubbs

Ronald Hubbs was born and educated in Oregon.  He began his career with St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company there in 1936.  After serving as an officer in the Army during World War II, he returned to the company.  Hubbs rose through the ranks and became president of St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co. in 1963.  After retiring as chairman of the board in 1977,  he devoted his time and energies to a variety of educational, civic, cultural and philanthropic organizations. He was a longtime champion of adult literature programs and also was instrumental in establishing a Chinese language program in the St. Paul school district.

Hubbs served as president of the F R Bigelow Foundation for 12 years, and was a director and treasurer of the St Paul Foundation.

Minnesotan of the Year

1990 Minnesotan of the Year

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