Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Early Member Tidbits

Fun tidbits about some of our early members.

Others Present at the Grand Social

E L Mabon and wife ‘58
Sarah Moffett Mabon ‘48
A MacDonald and wife ‘57
Mrs O C Macklett ‘57
Jos Marien ‘54
H C Marsden and wife ‘53
Jacob Mathes ‘52
T E Mathes ‘55
J H Mayall and wife '54
Chas E Mayo and wife ‘53
Thos McArdle ‘55
John McCauley ‘55
John McCloud ‘50
Timothy McCue ‘55
James McDonald ‘56
Jos P McGeehan and wife ‘57
Frank P McGuire ‘57
C S McLagan and wife ‘40
Mrs Odessa McMillan ‘53
Francis McNamara ‘57
A  J Meacham and wife ‘55
J P Melancon ‘54
George A Nash '53
Henry O'Gorman '52
Frederick Oliva '47
Mrs E J Painter '57
F M Painter '57
J H D Painter ‘57
Judson Parker ‘57
E W Patridge ‘56
Robert H Patterson, DDS ‘55
Mrs Augusta Peters ‘56
Chas Peters ‘54
Wm L Quinn '28
Hon Alexander Ramsey ‘49
Mrs E E Randall ‘57
E W Randall and wife ‘58
Timothy Reardon ‘56
Walter S Reed '51
P O Regan and wife ‘55
Cornelius Reiley and wife ‘55
F A Renz ‘51
Mrs E Rhoades ‘53
E Rice ‘55
John Rigney ‘55
Mrs E J ScheIl '52
Frank Schlick ‘57
Wm Schnittger'54
Jacob Schnitzius and wife ‘57
J H Schurmeler ‘52
Philip W Schweitzer ‘58
R W Seager ‘53
Mrs Frances Illingworth Silcox '51
Wm Silcox ‘56
John R Sloan ‘48
Mrs Elizabeth Smith ‘50
H G Tayernier '53
Wm H Temple ‘56
John C Terry '49
John W Terry '49
J Thomas and wife '54
A A ‘i’hompson '51
J H Thurston '55
Frank Tibbitts and wife, '58
Chas Timme and wife ‘55
C S Uline '56
Miss Mary Vincent '52
Wm Wagner '57
J W Wait and wife '55
R A Wait '56
James J Warner and wife '58
M H Warner '47
John Way '55
Isaac Webb '54
Mathias Young and wife '57

Attendees of the First Grand Jubilee Social of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers - 1898

Wm P Jewett '55
Anthony Kelly
P H Kelly
Edward F Krahmer and wife '54
John D Ludden '45
Adam Marty
John McKusick '40
J C Oswald
Sam'l G Sloan '55
Hon H K Terrell '49
Henry P Upham '57
T B Walker '62
Margaret C Way '55

Mrs. Cyrus Aldrich '54
Ellen G Bisbee '57
E C Briggs and wife '54
C B Chapman '51
Hon D M Clough '57
J W Day '53
Major T K Danforth '53
N P Hayes and wife '54
Geo L Henderson and wife '54
Thos Hughes '56
Henry Jones and wife '54
Edw Kent '56

From Other Places

R H Mellen ‘54
Frederick J Metzger ‘56
S H Metzger and wife ‘55
Nelson Miller and wife ‘53
Joseph Minea and wife ‘56
Peter Minea ‘56
Thomas Montgomery and wife ‘56
Mrs Mary C Moore ‘57
R Morey and wife ‘57
Geo F Mortimer ‘38
Geo R Morton ‘56
H L Moss and wife ‘48
Herman Muehlberg and wife ‘56
Rus C Munger ‘57
Mrs Frank Murch ‘54
W F Murch ‘50
Mrs J H Murphy ‘49
Mrs James Murphy ‘55
John Murphy ‘49
Wm P Murray and wife ‘49
Nathan Myrick ‘42
Tere Olrience '56
P O'Regan and wife '55
H J Peters ‘56
J G Petter ‘55
C F Petter ‘55
Jesse H Pomeroy and wife ‘45
Rev William C Pope ‘57
Phil Potts ‘57
Mrs M A Pribble ‘54
P M Quinlan '56
Michael Roach ‘57
E G Rogers ‘56
John Rogers and wife ‘49
John M Rooney ‘55
E T Root ‘57
A J Rose ‘46
William Rose ‘46
Capt C T Rouleau ‘45
Mrs Mathilda Russell ‘54
D C Ryan ‘54
Fred Smith and wife ‘55
Mrs Hattie A Smith ‘56
Joseph Smith and wife ‘54
P H Smith ‘54
W A Somers ‘57
Mrs Anna Spannuth ‘56
Peter Springer ‘56
N Stadfield ‘57
E J Stlllwell ‘52
C J Sudhelmer ‘55
Allen Swain and wife ‘57
Miss A E Tinker ‘50
W H Tinker and wife ‘49
Mrs C M Toomey '55
James F Tostevin ‘55
Wm R Tostevin and wife ‘55
John Towlerton and wife ‘58
Mrs John Treacy ‘56
Albert Tripp and wife '56
M C Tuttle and wife '53
Dr A T Upham and wife '56
Dr F W Van Slyke '57
Jerry Webber '51
Mrs Hiland H White '56
John Williams '52
Mrs L A Williams '54
James A Wilson and wife '57
John Willoughby and wife '54
Bernard Zimmermann '57

Mrs. J V Baily, Red Rock '50
Levi Baily and wife, Langdon '50
R C Byrdick and wife, Sauk Rapids '50
A P Connolly, Chicago IL '57
J H Crandall and wife, Langdon '55
Wm T Donaldson and wife, White Bear '51
Ignatius Donnelly, Nininger '56
Henry A Durand, Newport '51
W H Ferguson, Excelsior, '54
Mrs N S Flynt, Faribault '57
W H C Folsom, Taylor's Falls, '36
F C Ford and wife, Red Rock '44
Hon C A Gilman and wife, St Cloud '55
W W Hall and wife, Red Rock '55
Geo H Hazard and wife, Taylor's Falls, '57
Stephen Hopkins, Graceville '56
William Keane, Lakeville '55
C E Kemp and wife, Langdon '54
D A Kemp and wife, Langdon '54
Mrs. Lucena Kemp, Langdon '54
W L Laramee, St Paul Park '55
Isaac Lincoln and wife, Shakopee '56
ohn D McArthur, Blue Earth City '56
Mrs. David McCauley, McCauleyville '57
Wm Moore and wife, Red Rock '50
John Morey, Hastings '56
E G Munger and wife, Langdon '52
N L Munger and wife, Newport '57
W R Munger and wife, Langdon '52
G S Pease, Anoka '57
Mrs Wm Peasley, Taylor's Falls '57
Mrs. Amy Harrington Ray, Wayzata '54
Mrs Mary E Scofield, St Paul Park '55
W R Scofield, Newport '52
S D Seamons, St Anthony Park '53
T J Sheehan, Albert Lea '57
Thenord Spoor, Cottage Grove '54
H O Sproat, St Paul Park '56
Walter W Stratton, Rich Valley '53
Rebecca M Thorne, White Bear '57
Ida W Van Cleve, Mantorville '54
Mrs. Mary C Ward, Hastings '57
Albert Whittier, Farmington '56
Geo Woodward and wife, Langdon '56

Those in attendance  -  Dates are of birth or first residence in Minnesota Territory, Pages 21-23 "The Minnesota Territorial Pioneers," The Northwest Magazine August, 1898

Wm L Ames and wife ‘52
W C Ashton and wife ‘55
N W Atkinson ‘46
L M Ayers and wife ‘56
Judson W Bishop ‘57
F B Bookman ‘54
Mrs A L Bolton ‘58
J S Boyd ‘54
H J Brainerd ‘55
Uriah Branch ‘55
P B Brown and wife
Wm Brown ‘57
Geo Bruce and wife ‘57
B A Brunson ‘56
Mrs Julia A Buckwheat ‘56
S Buneman ‘56
H C Burbank ‘53
Capt Joe Burger and wife ‘48
Patrick Butler and wife ‘55
Wm S Combs ‘51
John K Cook ‘56
N A Cook and wife ‘50
A L Cornish ‘53
Mrs Julia Coty ‘52
John Crawford ‘46
B F Crocker and wife ‘55
B L Crosby ‘52
Philip Crowlëy ‘57
C M Crowley ‘57
James Cunniff ‘50
Jas Devitt and wife ‘50
Mrs Catherine Casey Doherty ‘64
P Doherty ‘56
J C Donahower ‘56
Joe O Dubord ‘54
Alfred Dufrene and wife ‘54
Robert I Dugan and wife ‘58
Wm F Ellers ‘55
J F Essler and wife ‘58
S P Folsom and wife ‘47
Chas C Fox ‘50
James M Furnell ‘50
Milton H Furnell ‘48
W J Godfrey ‘51
E Gottschammer ‘56
H F Green and wife ‘52
Mrs George Griggs ‘57
J Grindall ‘57
Jas S Hough and wife '50
W W Howard ‘56
Jon. F Hoyt and wife '48
Lorenzo Hoyt and wife '48
W H Hoyt '48
Egbert B Hughson and wife ‘55
J H Hullsiek ‘55
B  F Irvine ‘48
William Jones ‘54
Miss Jennie King ‘55
D L Kingsbury and wife ‘54
F  Knauft ‘51
A F Knight and wife ‘57
Louis Kohlman ‘58
William Kohlman ‘54
Louis Korfhage and wife ‘57
Edward G Krahmer ‘58
A F Kreger ‘58
E S Lightbourn and wife ‘40
Chas H Lindeke ‘57
Edward A Low ‘55
P J Lycan and wife’56
Patrick Lynch ‘55
Geo C Lynch and wife '56
John Lyons ‘55

MTP Membership List (1900)

Henry C. Aldrich MD '57
Geo A Brown '54
M C Burr '56
Mrs E A Conillard '53
E H Connor and wife '48
Mrs. Florence Griswold Dearing '56
H H Humphrey and wife '55
George E Huey and wife '51
Jesse G Jones '57


G W Benedict '54
Mrs Nellie Brimhall
Chas E Casler
D W Cameron
Prof C H Congdon
H V Coster '56
Geo W Harding
Ben T Hoyt
C C Hoyt
Miss Frances Hoyt
Miss A King
Chas O Krieger
Louis Laramee and wife
D F McCarthy
Hon Andrew R Mcgill
Frank McGiner '57
Miss Dora Muehlberg
Miss Elsie Muehlberg
S M Myers '56

Frank B Bass
Daniel Bassett '55
Geo L Becker '49
Capt Edwin Bell '50
J H Bohrer '52
Hon Daniel Buck
Hon Loren W Collins
E W Durant '48
A B Easton '57
Chas E Flandreau '53
Dr D M Graham '53
Nicholas Hardy '57
Jas J Hill '56
Archbishop John Ireland  '52

The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Rev Moses N Adams and wife ‘48
Chas N Akers ‘58
Ernst Albrecht ‘55
Alveron Allen and wife ‘51
Wm Q Allen ‘51
Philip Bardon ‘49
Geo Barton ‘56
J A Barton ‘50
J O Bass and wife ‘50
B W Bazilie ‘55
Henry Belland Jr ‘40
A Benham ‘54
Mrs G N Benham ‘53
W L Benson ‘52
Geo Benz ‘56
Capt Peter Berkey and wife ‘53
Enoch F Berrisford ‘56
John Berrisford ‘56
M L Bevans ‘55
Wm Bircher ‘51
A R Capehart ‘56
Martin W Castner ‘56
R W Cavanaugh ‘57
A H Cavender and wife
Jos F Chapron and wife ‘55
A Charbonneau and wife ‘53
Joe Charbonneau ‘53
Mrs Bruno Chenevert
Edwin Clarke ‘57
John C Collins ‘56
Geo B Colgrave ‘57
M H Daly and wife ‘50
Mrs Sarah O Davis ‘58
Robert Deakin ‘55
M Defiel ‘55
Geo W Deiter ‘55
John Delaney ‘50
Mrs Demarest ‘50
Mrs A  J Edgerton ‘55
G B Edgerton ‘57
Jos H Egan ‘57
Henry S Fairchild and wife ‘57
James H Farrell ‘57
John Farrington ‘50
N P Fisk ‘57
Nicholas J Flynn ‘51
Sealum Gates and wife ‘54
Geo W Gauthier and wife ‘53
M F Gellina ‘52
John H Gibbons and wife ‘57
August Giesman and wife ‘56
Mrs Eliza Godfrey ‘52
John E Haggenmillier '55
Amos W Hall and wife '58
Robert N Hare and wife '57
George L Hause ‘52
W O Hendrlckson and wife ‘50
Nick Hendy ‘53
E J Hodgson '55
James R Hoffman '51
John C Jensen ‘57
R H L Jewett and wife '55
Patrick Keigher ‘56
Chas Keller '58
J Keller ‘57
Miss Kelley ‘55
William H Kelley and wife ‘55
Mrs Martin N Kellogg ‘40
H H Kent ‘50
John Kerwin ‘57
C C King and wife ‘54
James King ‘57
C La Chance ‘50
Geo H Lains ‘57
Mrs Freeman Lane ‘54
A L Larpenteur and wife ‘43
J W Lauderdale and wife ‘51
William H Lauderdale ‘54
Geo Laurent ‘52
F A Leyde ‘57

Northwest Magazine Article (1898)

An article on the formation of the Territorial Pioneer Association and the settlement of Minnesota. Click here for illustrations from the article.

St. Paul

E R Nafie
Mrs. B Northrup
D F Rogers
T D Rogers
Miss Sarah C Smith
Peter Solvers '57
Walter Swain
J H Thompson
Capt J Titlow
Miss Florence Toomey
Miss H C Toomey
Miss Marie Toomey
Carl E Van Cleve
N Watkinson '46
Miss Irma Willard
Frank Wilson and wife

Notable Pioneers Unable to Attend

C L Larpenteur and wife '49
Mrs W A Marr '58
F G McMillan and wife '56
R J Mendenhall and wife '58
L W Noble '56
Mrs A M Parker '48
James Patton and wife '51
Mrs D B Rollins '57
W W Spear and wife '56
Miss Carrie V Stratton '52
E J Thompson '52
James Ulger '57

A D Libby and wife '56
Mrs Katherine Miller '54
P F Milnor and wife '56
Mrs C H Peake '56
Mrs Mary Roy '52
O T Sweet and wife '56
Mrs. S C Swift '58
Mrs. Martha J Thurston '55
Mrs. Charlotte O Van Cleve '49

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