The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Contacting the Board

Past Presidents (Partial List)

Our Mission

 Alvaren Allen1897
 L. W. Collins1898
 E. W. Durant1899, 1902, 1904
 John S. Pillsbury1900, 1901
 A. L. Larpenteur1903
 W. B. Reed1905
 C. F. Staples1906, 1907
 R. A. Plummer1908
 J. B. Gilfillan1909
 E. F. Berrisford1910, 1911
 John A. Stees1912, 1913, 1914
 Moses P. Hayes1915
 Frank Ford1916, 1917, 1918
 Eli Southworth1919
 W. H. Adams1920, 1921
 M. D. Manning1921 (part)
 Levi Longfellow1922, 1923, 1925

The Minnesota Territorial Pioneers is a membership-based organization governed by an annually elected board of directors. Annual Membership Meetings occur each May. Meetings of the board typically occur on the third Saturday of each month, from 10am-12pm; and are conducted at MTP's corporate headquarters in Saint Paul (393 Dunlap St. N. Suite 820, St. Paul, MN 55104). Meeting times and locations are subject to change.  For more information please contact MTP Secretary Mary Casebolt at:

 M. J. Gill1924
 R. H. Jefferson1926-1930
 S. R. Van Sant1927
 George Woodward1928
 John Cooper1929
 Roland Faricy1931, 1932
 Herbert Keller1933, 1934
 Thomas Meighen1935
 Frank Robert, Jr.1936-1939
 Charles Cole1940
 Eugene A. Hulett1941
 Daniel Hollihan1942
 James Nankivell1943-1953
 Allen Rothmund1954-1957
 Paul A. Weld1958
 Franklin P. Kroehler1959-1964
 W. M. Anfang1965-1967

Alveron Allen
MTP's 1st President

W. H. Hoyt
MTP Founder

You may contact board members by clicking on their names (if they have a public email address), otherwise please contact them through the corporate office or by emailing

Coming Soon. Please contact the MTP Corporate Secretary should you require copies.

The MTP Corporate Seal

The MTP uses the Territorial Seal of Minnesota as its Corporate Seal. Adopted in 1849, the Territorial Seal was based on a design by Seth Eastman and depicts an Indian riding towards the sun with the Falls of St. Anthony behind him, as a Pioneer plows a field with his axe and gun nearby.

Serving May, 2016 through May, 2017

Executive Committee

Alexander Casebolt, President

Richard MacNabb, Vice President

Mary R. Casebolt, Secretary

Amy Jensen, Treasurer
Joseph Malinovsky, Clerk


Emilie Casebolt, Director of Sales and Marketing

William Casebolt, Building Site Manager

Michele Fogelquist

Benjamin Hedberg, Assistant Treasurer

Nicole Jensen

Kathy Palmersten

Bonnie Walter, Goodwill Ambassador

 M. W. London1968, 1969, 1979
 Charles L. Horn1970-1973
 Claudia Steiner1974, 1975, 1976
 John P. Arnold1977
 James Hruska1980
 Richard Husband1981-1983, 1993-1995
 Rev. Thomas G. Phillips1984, 1985
 Stan W. Carlson1986
 Mel Castner1988, 1989
 David Hruska1990-1992
 David Devine1996-1998
 Mary Casebolt1999-2002
 Glen Eigenbrodt2004, 2005
 Anne Hawkins2006
 Richard MacNabb2007-2010
 Lee Krautkremer2012
 Alexander Casebolt2014, 2015, 2016


Organizational Structure

Corporate Documents

Board of Directors

To Preserve and Promote

Awareness of the Heritage and History of Territorial Minnesota Through Educational Outreach