Northwest Magazine Article (1898)

An article on the formation of the Territorial Pioneer Association and the settlement of Minnesota. Click here for illustrations from the article.

MTP Traveling Educational Exhibit

The Minnesota Territorial Pioneers (MTP) received a grant from the Sesquicentennial Commission in 2008 to create a traveling exhibit to illustrate the history of Minnesota Territory and its Territorial Pioneers.

We'd love to set up our display at your group or local celebration ... so send us an email and we'll work to get you into our schedule!

Grand Social Attendees (1898)

Attendees of the First Grand Jubilee Social of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers.

MTP Historic Materials

Our Mission

The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Community Events

From the State Fair, to county fairs, the St. Paul Winter Carnival, to community celebrations, picnics, heritage events, MTP volunteers strive to bring the history of our pioneer ancestors alive and raise awareness of what we do.

To Preserve and Promote Awareness of the Heritage and History of Territorial Minnesota Through Educational Outreach



Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Early Member Tidbits

Fun tidbits about some of our early members.

Annual Scholarship Program

Each year the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers awards a $500 scholarship for use at an accredited college within the boundaries of the original Minnesota Territory.

To be eligible, an applicant must be in 12th grade or above, and show proof of acceptance by an accredited junior or academic college or university located within the original boundaries of the Minnesota Territory, as designated by the U.S. Congress; membership in MTP is not required. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Annual Membership Meetings

Each year in May, members of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers from across the nation and world gather together to celebrate their heritage, honor notable members, award scholarships, elect directors, and listen to guest speakers on subjects related to state and territorial history.

Our Origins

Pioneer Portrait collection

Currently undergoing archiving and restoration by our team of dedicated volunteers, MTP's vast collection of pioneer portraits (we have over 2,000) was formerly displayed in the state fair's Portrait Hall, until the hall was converted into the Ramberg Senior Center in 1971. MTP is currently developing a long-term plan to once again display the collection and our other pioneer artifacts not currently shown at the Pioneer Log Cabin at the fairgrounds.

Minnesota Territorial Pioneers, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the heritage of the early pioneers who settled in the Minnesota Territory before 1858.  The brainchild of W. H. Hoyt, MTP was organized on May 11, 1897, when 100 territorial pioneers gathered for that purpose at the Merchants Hotel in St. Paul.  The first president was Alveron Allen. Other officers were William E. Lee, vice president; H S Fairchild, second vice-president; W. H. Hoyt, secretary; and John A. Stees, treasurer.  Charter members included Milton Bevans, H. T. Bevans, Charles Brunson, H. Borup, John Brown, and William Burcher.   Membership was limited to men who resided in the territory prior to statehood. Their spouses and women who resided in the territory were allowed honorary memberships. By 1900, MTP had over 1,000 members. Mrs. Sam Bloomer organized the Territorial Pioneer Guild ("Women's Auxiliary").

The MTP Today

Today, membership consists of direct descendants of persons who settled the Minnesota Territory prior to statehood on May 11, 1858, and their spouses, who meet such other requirements as the Bylaws of the corporation may provide, and such honorary members who may be selected in such manner as the Bylaws of the corporation may provide, all regardless of sex, race, creed or political affiliation.