Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Last Names beginning with "T"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Tabert John 1854 Chisago 
Taisey Albert    1847Stevens
Talbot Freeman   Bath SD
Talbot Henry  1854Winona 
Tanner Alfred 1848 Morrison
Tanner George C 1857 Jackson
Tanner George C 1857 Rice 
Tanner Mrs George 1857 Rice 
Tanner Mrs Helen  1850 Hennepin 
Tapper John 1844 Monona IA 
Tarble Mrs L H  Dodge 
Tavemier H G  1854 Ramsey
Tavenier Louis  1853  Ramsey
Taylor John 1856 LeSueur 
Taylor M F 1851 Hennepin 
Temme Charles 1857 Ramsey 
Tenvoorde Mrs Elizabeth  1855Stearns
Terwilliger D F 1854  Lake Forest IL
Tew Delos 1857  Fillmore
Thomas H W   Bismarck ND
Thomas John 1854 Ramsey 
Thomas Mrs Minor  1856 Hennepin
Thompson Almond  1854  Ramsey
Thompson Augustine 1862 Hennepin
Thompson Mrs Augustine  1852Hennepin 
Thompson Mrs B N   1856Hennepin 
Thompson Edward 1851 Pasadena CA
Thompson Mrs Ellen Maria 1858 Hennepin 
Thompson Mrs Emma  1865 Hennepin 
Thompson F A 1844 Wyndmere ND
Thompson J H 1857 Hennepin 
Thompson James  1853  Hennepin
Thompson John 1854 Rice 
Thompson John M 1855  Hennepin
Thompson Lenora Packard1856Washington
Thompson Mrs M C  1850Wyndmere ND
Thompson Richard  1857 Dakota
Thompson Thomas 1854 Polk
Thompson William 1856 Steele
Thorpe George   Stevens 
Thorpe Margaret   1898Stevens
Thurston John Henry 1855Ramsey 
Thurston Mrs M J 1855 Hennepin 
Tibbets N  Morrison
Tibbetts J A  Aitkin
Tibbetts Moses  1854 Mille Lacs 
Tibbits H C 1855 Blue Earth 
Todd S D   Hennepin
Todd William   Hennepin
Tollington Thomas 1856 Wright 
Tombler L O 1855 Chisago 
Tombler Morris  1856Hot Springs AR
Tompkins Mrs D B  Hennepin 
Tood Mrs Harriet   1856  Hennepin
Toplin Norris W 1856 Dakota 
Topping C G 1857 Meeker 
Torins Helin     Washington 
Torrey John   1855 Meeker 
Torson Thomas  1854 Watonwan
Tostevin James     1855Ramsey
Tostevin William   1855  Ramsey
Tousley Rosswell 1857  LeSueur
Towler J G 1850 Blue Earth 
Town Francis   1854  Hennepin
Townsend Robert   Hennepin
Trask Daniel 1855Morrison 
Trask Richard  1855Morrison 
Traux Daniel1855Dakota 
Treacy John 1856 Ramsey 
Treadwell John  1855 Nicollet 
Trott Hermann 1856 Ramsey 
Trott Mrs Hermann 1858  Ramsey 
Trow Anthony  1857Freeborn
Tubbs Mrs L D 1863 Washington
Tubbs William 1858 Wright 
Tuckey E A 1855 Hennepin 
Tuckey Mrs Mercena   1855 Hennepin 
Turner David  1857 Polk 
Tuthill Charles  1857 Anoka 
Twitchell Humphrey  1852Mille Lacs
Tyler C B 1858 Lyon 
Last Names beginning with "S"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Sabin Mrs George   1849Ramsey 
Sanborn John  1854  Ramsey 
Sander Fred   Sibley 
Sanders Frederick 1854  Ramsey 
Sanders Mrs Frederick 1858Ramsey 
Sanford Chester 1856 Dodge 
Sargent Joseph 1855 Polk 
Saunders Frank   Otter Tail
Scherfenberg F C 1856Ramsey 
Scherfenberg Louisa 1856Ramsey 
Schutz John    1855Lyon 
Schweitzer Philip  1858 Ramsey 
Scofield J D  1847 Hennepin
Scofield Mrs C S 1856  Hennepin
Scribner Aaron 1855 Otter Tail
Scrimgeour D A 1856  Hennepin
Secomb Rev C   Hennepin
Secombe Charles   1855 Hennepin
Secombe Emma   1868  Hennepin
Seng William 1857 Ramsey 
Sewall Joseph     1854Ramsey 
Seymour George    1854Chisago 
Shaleen John 1855 Chisago 
Shalto Charles    1850Hennepin
Shaw Mrs J M  Hennepin
Shearer Susan 1857 Pine
Sheehan Timothy   1857Ramsey
Sheehan Mrs Timothy     1852Ramsey
Sheehy Thomas     1857Ramsey
Sheehy Mrs Thomas     1856Ramsey
Sheire Mrs George     1857Polk
Sheldon D D  1850Morrison 
Shepard H C 1857 Nobles 
Shepard Henry 1854 Polk
Shepley Mrs Caroline     1868Hennepin
Shepley Oscar     1855Hennepin
Sherburne Charles      1856Hennepin
Sherwood C H  1856Renville 
Sherwood George   1855 Ramsey
Shickling George  Ramsey
Shotwell Mrs H A   1855Hennepin
Shumway John P 1855  Hennepin
Silcox Wm   1856 Ramsey
Silkworth Matthew  1850 New Richmond WI
Silvis W L 1858 Washington 
Simmons Jorgen 1856  Hennepin
Simpson Thomas 1853 Winona 
Sinclair Daniel   1856Winona 
Sinclair Mrs M J    1856Winona 
Skinner M W 1856 Rice
Slater Thomas 1858 Ramsey
Sleeper Julian  1857  Ramsey
Sloan Jon R 1848  Ramsey
Sloan Mrs Mary  1850 Hennepin
Sloane John Oscar   Hennepin
Slocum Frank    1856Hennepin
Slocum Mrs Susie  1858  Hennepin
Smith Mrs A Oaks 1857 Hennepin
Smith Mrs Andrew     1850Hennepin
Smith Mrs Anna    1856Hennepin
Smith C W   1857 Ramsey
Smith Cyrus 1854 Wright 
Smith E H  1856 Hennepin
Smith Ellen  1856 Ramsey
Smith Fred  1857  Hennepin
Smith George  Chicago IL
Smith Mrs Harris     1855Hennepin
Smith Henry 1855Chisago
Smith Mrs Henry   1856Chisago
Smith J W 1854 Olmsted 
Smith Joseph 1856 Polk 
Smith Joseph 1854  Ramsey
Smith Mrs M J   1853Ramsey
Smith Mrs Margaret  1856Mower 
Smith Matthias 1852 Isanti 
Smith Milton 1857Nobles
Smith Nahum  1852Hennepin 
Smith P H  1854Ramsey 
Smith R R  1856Nobles 
Smith Mrs Roxanna    1857Hennepin 
Smith Thomas    1855Ramsey 
Smith Thomas B 1856 Mower 
Smith William    1855 Ramsey
Snow Lyman  1856 Chisago 
Snyder Frank   1857 Hennepin 
Snyder Mrs Lillian      1859Hennepin 
Souter William  1856Ramsey 
Southworth Eli  1856Scott 
Spates S P 1848  Ramsey 
Sproat H O 1856 Washington 
Stacy D K   1856Freeborn
Stadtfield Nicholas    1857Ramsey 
Stafford Mrs C F   1855Hennepin 
Stamm Mrs Godfried    1857Ramsey 
Stanchfield Lyman    1851 Hennepin
Stannard Lucas  1852 Chisago
Stansfield James  1855Hennepin
Stansfield Mrs Susan   1855Hennepin
Staples C A 1855 Meeker 
Staples Charles Franklin   1856Ramsey
Staring J M S 1854 Hennepin 
Starkey Albert   1857 Ramsey 
Statelar Sylvester 1842 Rice 
Stebbins A F 1857 Olmsted
Stebbins Jonas   1855 Winona 
Steenerson Elias 1856 Polk 
Steenerson Halver 1853  Polk
Steenerson Levi 1853  Polk
Stees Charles   Ramsey
Stees John   1856  Ramsey
Stephens Joseph   1855  Polk
Stevens John  Hennepin
Stevens Mrs Helen 1850 Hennepin
Stevens W T  1858Fillmore 
Stewart C N   1854Rice
Stewart Thomas   Hennepin
Stillwell Eugene   1852  Ramsey
Stockton William     1856Hennepin
Stockwell Mrs Maud C   1868Hennepin
Stockwell S A 1857  Hennepin
Stone Herman W 1856 Stevens 
Stout George 1854  Hennepin
Stranahan W G 1856  Hennepin
Strathern Mrs M 1853 Dakota
Strathern Walter  1853Dakota
Strathern William   1853Dakota
Stratton Miss Carrie  1852  Hennepin
Strout Richard   Hennepin
Strub William  1857 Ramsey 
Stuntz George  1853 St Louis 
Sudheimer Charles  1855Ramsey
Sullivan Charles  1857Lac Qui Parle
Sutheimer John  1855Carver
Sweeney Robert 1852St Louis 
Swensen Peter 1854Hennepin
Swenson Swen   Nicollet 
Swett O T  1856Hennepin 

The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now." 

Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900