The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900

Last Names beginning with "O"

NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Obert M C 1856 Hennepin 
Obert Mrs Sarah Peat  1863  Hennepin 
O'Brien Burke     1855Hennepin 
O'Brien Frank   1855  Hennepin 
O'Brien Mrs Frank G 1850 Hennepin 
O'Brien Henry   1855 St Louis MO 
O'Brien John 1857  Washington
O'Brien Mrs John 1857  Washington
O'Brien Patrick 1852 Ramsey 
O'Brien Terrence 1856  Ramsey 
O'Brien Wetmore 1855  Hennepin 
O'Brien William 1854  Ramsey 
O'Connor Cornelius 1854 Scott 
O'Connor M J 1855  Ramsey 
O'Connor Mrs M J   Ramsey 
O'Donnell John 1856  Ramsey 
O'Gorman Henry 1852  Ramsey 
O'Gorman William 1852  Ramsey 
Olds George    Yellow Medicine 
O'Leary Timothy 1857  Hennepin 
Olin A M 1855 Rice 
Olive M Crow 1855 Douglas 
Olivier John   1854  Ramsey 
Olson Mary 1854  Chippewa
O'Neal Eugene 1856  Washington
O'Neal James 1856   Washington
Onstine M H 1853 Fillmore 
Orcutt Henry   1856  Douglas
O'Regan P 1855  Ramsey 
O'Regan Mrs P 1849  Ramsey 
Orton William   1856  Mille Lacs
Oswald Henry 1857 Hennepin 
Oswald J C 1857  Hennepin 
Oswald John George   Hennepin 
Owen A H 1854  Ramsey 

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now." 

Last Names beginning with "P"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Padley William 1855Morrison
Page Sarah  1851 Prescott WI
Page Z B    Wabasha 
Paine Henry   1858 Freeborn 
Paine James    Hennepin 
Paine Mrs James   1855 Hennepin 
Painter F M  1857 Ramsey 
Painter J D H 1857 Ramsey 
Paist William     1855Ramsey 
Palmer R H 1857  St Louis
Palmer Robert 1857  Ramsey 
Parcher Mrs F M  Hennepin
Parker George  1850 Hennepin
Parker James S  Hennepin
Parker Mrs Amanda   1848  Hennepin
Parker Mrs Mary  1855  Hennepin
Parker Mrs Rose   1856  Hennepin
Parkinson Mrs A M 1857 Olmsted
Parkinson W W 1855  Olmsted
Parmerlei W H  1854 Dodge
Partridge George   1856 Hennepin 
Partridge Mrs Mary    1854 Ramsey
Passavant Charles 1856  Ramsey
Passavant Mrs Charlotte    1855Ramsey
Patch Gibson    1847 Hennepin 
Patch Mrs Elizabeth   Hennepin 
Patten W H 1854 LeSueur 
Patterson Mrs Eva 1855  Hennepin 
Patterson Robert   1855  Ramsey
Pauley Mrs A H 1854 Hennepin 
Payne John  Stearns
Peake Ebenezer  1855 Rice 
Peake Mrs M A P 1856  Rice 
Pearce S L 1856 Ramsey 
Pease R M S    Hennepin 
Pease Mrs Emeline Blood 1874 Hennepin 
Peck Frank 1856   Hennepin 
Peltier Antoine  1855 Ramsey
Pendergast Timothy   1856 Hennepin 
Pendergast William Wirt   1855McLeod
Pennington G H 1855 Washington 
Peterson Henry     1857Meeker
Peterson Jacob   1854Chisago
Peterson John   1856 Goodhue 
Peterson Nils  1854 Kittson 
Peterson S O   1856Nicollet
Pettit C H   1855Hennepin
Pettit Mrs Deborah   1856Hennepin
Pettit Mrs William  Hennepin
Pfeffer Sebastian 1856 Faribault 
Pfefferl Richard   1854Brown 
Pfender William 1856 Brown 
Phillips Alonzo  1854Hennepin
Phillips E  1853Hennepin
Phillips OH 1855 Dodge 
Pierce J C  1855Goodhue 
Pierce J E   Ramsey 
Pillsbury John    1855Hennepin
Pillsbury Mrs Mahala  1856Hennepin
Pitts Thos Holmes   1853Ramsey 
Pleiss Ludwig  1855Ramsey 
Ploughman Henry 1856 Otter Tail 
Plummer C B  1850Clay 
Plummer George A   1853Hennepin
Plummer Mrs Abbie  1863Hennepin
Plummer Robert 1856Hennepin
Plummer W A  Hennepin
Pollard James  1856Goodhue 
Pomeroy J W  Hennepin
Pond D W 1857 Ramsey 
Pond E R 1840  Hennepin
Pond Samuel   1850 Hennepin
Pope Jed 1854  Houston 
Pope William    1857 Ramsey 
Pothen Nicholas   Ramsey 
Potter George 1857 Houston 
Potts Henry  1855 Butte MT
Potts Philip 1857  Ramsey 
Power George    1858 Ramsey 
Powers J M 1855   Hennepin
Powers Mrs J M  1856  Hennepin
Pratt A W 1856 Goodhue 
Pratt Ezra Carey 1857 Hennepin 
Pratt Harrison 1857 Hennepin 
Pratt Mrs Helen  1857 Hennepin 
Pratt Mrs Mary Eliza 1859  Hennepin 
Pratt Mrs Missouri  1843 Hennepin 
Pratt Rufus  1850  Hennepin 
Pray Mrs Frances  1858  Hennepin 
Prendergast Jeremiah 1855 Ramsey
Prendergast Mrs J C 1854  Ramsey
Prentiss Samuel  1857 LaCrosse WI
Pressnell Thomas  1855 St Louis
Prevonchier John 1852 Polk 
Price D C  1854Ramsey 
Pride J W 1856 Hennepin 
Pride Mrs Anna  1862 Hennepin 
Probstfield R M 1853 Clay 
Procter Levi C 1856 Washington 
Prosser L H 1856 Fillmore 
Provenchier John  Polk 
Pugh T M 1855 St Louis 
Pullford Mrs George 1856 Hennepin