The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900

Last Names beginning with "B"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Baasen Francis  1855Brown 
Babcock DL  1855Hennepin 
Babcock Mrs D L  1856Hennepin 
Babcock W L  Hennepin 
Bailey John  1850Washington 
Bailey Levi  Ramsey 
Bailiff Mrs Victorine  Hennepin
Bailiff Rene 1849 Hennepin 
Baird James 1857Hennepin 
Baker D A J  1849Ramsey
Baker Mrs O H   Hennepin 
Baker William  Hennepin
Balch Foster 1855Dakota 
Baldwin B C  1855Ramsey 
Baldwin J P  1856Lyon
Bardon Philip  1849Ramsey 
Bardwell Mrs Emma  Hennepin
Barnard Albion  1855Hennepin 
Barnard John1857Hennepin 
Barnum E P  1856Stearns 
Barnum Mrs Irene 1856 Stearns 
Barr Melbourne1856Hennepin 
Barrows F C  1855Hennepin 
Barrows Mrs Nancy 1855Hennepin 
Bartholomew Mrs F  Hennepin
Bartlett A H  1856Freeborn 
Barton Ara  Rice
Barton Henry 1854Dakota 
Barton J R  1852Ramsey 
Barton P  1854Dakota 
Bass F B  1848


Bass John 1855Ramsey 
Bassett Daniel  Hennepin
Bassett Joel 1851Hennepin 
Bastlett L  1855Wabasha 
Basworth James 1854Houston 
Batchelder G Washington 1855 Rice 
Batchelder Mrs K E Davis  1896Rice
Bateman George 1857Scott 
Bausman Mrs Rebecca   1878Hennepin 
Baxter Luther 1857 Otter Tail 
Bazille E W 1855 Ramsey 
Beal Alonzo 1857Hennepin
Beal Mrs Ruth1857 Hennepin 
Beavers George    1855Hennepin
Bebeau Charles 1847 Ramsey 
Beck Edward  1855Traverse 
Beck Edward S  1855Ramsey
Beckwith H E  1856Dodge 
Bedbury J H 1849 Ramsey 
Bedman C J C 1857 Douglas 
Beech Louis  1854Ramsey 
Bell Edwin  1850Ramsey 
Bell John 1857Hennepin 
Bell M J  1851Ramsey 
Bell Mrs E R  Hennepin 
Bellebeulle Joseph   1854Morrison
Bemis Mrs Clara   1852Hennepin 
Benham Albert  1854Ramsey 
Benham George   1853Ramsey
Benham Mrs George   1847Ramsey
Benjamin Mrs John  Hennepin
Bennett Abraham  1853Polk
Bennett Ayers   1855Hennepin
Bennett C A 1856 Yellow Medicine 
Benson Charles   1857Stearns
Benson W L  1852Ramsey 
Benz George  1856Ramsey 
Benz Mrs George 1855 Ramsey 
Berger Joseph 1852 Ramsey 
Bergfeld Joseph   1853Ramsey
Berkey John  1854Ramsey 
Berkey Peter  1853Ramsey 
Berkman Wm Mack  1854Ramsey 
Berrisford Enoch  1856Ramsey 
Berrisford John   1856Ramsey
Berrisford Paul   1857Ramsey
Berry Mark   1851Long Beach CA
Berry Mrs Helen Godfrey   1849Long Beach CA
Berry Sidney   1855Hennepin 
Berthiaume Odilon  1855Polk
Bevans Milton   Ramsey
Bevans Richard   1855River Falls WI 
Bevins F  1855Polk 
Biard Lyman 1857Mower 
Biard Mrs Lyman   1873Mower 
Bingham Mrs Laura   1854Hennepin 
Bishop J W  1857Ramsey 
Bishop Mrs Mary  1857Ramsey 
Bissell H H  1849Goodhue 
Bixby Tams  1857Goodhue 
Black John  1858 Hennepin 
Black Mrs Mary   1860Hennepin 
Blakeley Henry  Ramsey
Blakeman Mrs S T  Hennepin
Blase Theodore 1855 Ramsey
Blecken Edward    Hennepin
Blecken Mrs Florence 1856 Hennepin
Blesi Peter  1854Hennepin
Block Henry    1856Stearns
Blomquist Chas   1856Ramsey
Bloomer Mrs Samuel   1860Washington
Bloomer Samuel 1848 Washington 
Bloomquist Charles   1853Hennepin
Bloomquist Mrs Henrietta   1853Hennepin
Bohan Mrs Anna 1857 Hennepin 
Bohan Timothy  1855Hennepin 
Bohland Adam 1856 Ramsey
Bohland Peter   1856Ramsey
Bohrer J H  1853Ramsey 
Bohrer Mrs J H  1857Ramsey 
Bolton A L  1869Ramsey 
Bolton Mrs A L  1858Ramsey 
Bordwell Alice Yorks   1852Washington
Bormarth Charles 1854 Scott 
Borup H  1856Ramsey
Bosley W M 1856Dodge 
Bostwick Mrs Eliza   1850Hennepin
Bottineau Charles  1840Leroy ND 
Bottineau John   1855Hennepin
Bourne Robert  1857Hennepin 
Bowe Arthur  1855Ramsey 
Bowen Mrs Eliza 1857 Washington 
Bowen Lydia Taylor  1854Hennepin
Bowen W T  1856Hennepin  
Bowers Charles  1853Anoka 
Bowler J M 1858 Renville 
Boxell John Ramsey
Boxell Richard  1854Ramsey
Boyd E A  1855Ramsey 
Boyd Walter1854 Ramsey
Boylan Mrs Mary  1850Hennepin
Brackenridge Walter 1855Olmsted 
Brackenridge William Logan  1856Olmsted
Brackett George  1857Hennepin
Brackett H H  1857Hennepin 
Brackett Miss Elizabeth  Hennepin
Bracklin James  1857Rice Lake WI
Bradbury George  1856Hennepin 
Bradbury Mrs George   1856Hennepin
Bradford John  Hennepin
Brady J L  1836Hennepin
Branch Uriah  1853Ramsey
Branham Jesse  1857Fargo ND
Branham Mrs D D   1857Fargo ND
Brannon Thomas 1857 Goodhue 
Brawley Wentworth   1850Ramsey
Brenck Mrs Margaret  Hennepin
Brettner John 1858 Ramsey 
Briggs E C  1854Hennepin 
Briggs Mrs E C  1852Hennepin
Briggs O P  1877Hennepin 
Briggs Mrs O P  1856Hennepin
Broker W J  1858Morrison 
Bronson David  1855Washington
Brooks Anson 1856Hennepin 
Brooks Benedict   1854Anoka
Brooks Dwight   1856Ramsey 
Brooks Joel  1854Dodge
Brooks Mrs Anna  1856Ramsey
Brooks Rev J  1854Hennepin 
Broome R B  1855Ramsey 
Brown A J  1856Hennepin 
Brown C L 1855 Stevens
Brown Mrs C L  1857Stevens 
Brown Elisha   1854Hennepin
Brown George  1854Kandiyohi 
Brown H A  1855 Mower
Brown Horatio   1856Freeborn
Brown John 1856 Ramsey 
Brown Mrs John 1855Kandiyohi
Brown L D  1856Hennepin 
Brown Lewis   1852Hennepin 
Brown Morris    1858Polk
Brown Mrs Jean   Hennepin
Brown P H  1857Ramsey 
Brown William  1857Ramsey 
Brown William Parker  Hennepin
Brunson Benjamin  Ramsey
Brunson Charles   1849Ramsey
Brunson Theophelas   1854Ramsey
Buasman Abner  1856Hennepin
Buck Daniel  1857Blue Earth 
Bucklin DeForest  1858Polk 
Buckwheat Mrs Julia   1856Ramsey
Buell Salmon   1857Hennepin
Bulen B F  1857Olmsted 
Bull James    1859Hennepin
Bull Mrs James    1857Hennepin 
Bullard L F  1857Chisago 
Bullis A H  1854Faribault
Bullis L H 1857 Dodge 
Bullis S A  1855Goodhue
Burbank Henry 1856Ramsey 
Burnham John      Hennepin 
Burningham A J  1854Ramsey 
Burningham Mrs A J  1859Ramsey
Burns Chas J 1850 Washington 
Burns Lucretia   1850Washington
Burwell Charles Henry   1858Hennepin
Burwell Mrs Mary   1856Hennepin 
Bush Avery 1855 Olmsted 
Butler Nathan 1856 Clay 
Butler Patrick  1855Ramsey 

Last Names beginning with "A"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Adams David                            1855 McLeod 
Adams Mrs David A 1857McLeod
Adams Mrs N A M 1848 Ramsey 
Adams Rev M N 1848 Ramsey
Adams S H1856Kandiyohi
Adams Samuel E1855Hennepin
Ahern George 1854 Hennepin 
Ahlers J  1854Norman 
Alton Mrs Mary  1852 Nicollet 
Albert Hiram 1856 Goodhue
Albrech Ernest  1855Ramsey
Albrecht Mrs Charles1856Ramsey 
Aldrich Henry C 1857 Hennepin 
Aldrich Mrs Clara A H  1856Hennepin 
Allen Alveron  1851Ramsey 
Allen Mrs Alveron  1856Ramsey 
Allen E B  1855Ramsey 
Allen Edwin 1855 Mille Lacs 
Allen Edwin L  1855Ramsey 
Allen John 1854 Otter Tail 
Allen Mrs Frances  1850Ramsey 
Allen Mrs Frances1856Goodhue 
Allen Mrs John1856Otter Tail 
Ames Albert A  1852Hennepin 
Ames Charles Gordon  1851Boston, MA 
Ames Chas Wilberforce  1855Ramsey
Ames John T  1857Rice
Ames Mrs Harriet1855Hennepin 
Ames Mrs Martha  Hennepin
Ames Mrs Mary Lesley  1883Ramsey 
Ames William L  1852Ramsey 
Anderson A F  1857Goodhue 
Anderson Alfred  1857Ramsey 
Anderson Daniel 1851Isanti 
Anderson David   1855Hennepin 
Anderson G W  Hennepin 
Anderson Robert  Hennepin
Andrews John  1856 Blue Earth
Appleton Mrs Lucy1849Hennepin 
Arendeau Alexander 1854 Morrison 
Armstrong H W  1856Hennepin 
Armstrong Moses 1855Watonwan 
Armstrong Mrs Moses1855Watonwan
Arnell John  1857 Hennepin 
Arnold Isabelle 1856Hennepin
Arnold W H  1858Hennepin 
Ashton Mrs William 1853Ramsey 
Ashton William  1855 Ramsey
Atkinson W 1846Rice 
Atwater Isaac  1850Hennepin 
Atwater Mrs Pamela1850Hennepin
Auerbuch Maurice 1857 Ramsey

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now."