The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Last Names beginning with "N"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Nafie Edwin  1854 Ramsey 
Nash George  1853 Ramsey 
Nash Michael   1858 Hennepin
Neff John 1855 Ramsey
Neil A L 1855 Hennepin
Nelson John 1857 Goodhue 
Nelson John G 1856 Washington
Nelson John G 1858 Washington 
Nelson John W  1855 Chisago
Nelson Swan  Ramsey
Newell John   1854 Ramsey 
Nichols Samuel   1855 Everett WA 
Nicholson William  Morrison 
Nicols Mrs Elizabeth   1855 Olympia WA 
Niles Sanford 1856 Hennepin
Noble Lyman   1856 Hennepin
Noble Mrs Hester A Church   1848Hennepin
Noble Mrs Sarah  1855 Hennepin
Nobles Jeremiah 1856 McLeod 
Nobles Mrs Jeremiah 1856 McLeod 
Nolan Patrick 1854  Ramsey 
Nord J P 1856 Chisago 
Nordin A T 1855 Kandiyohi 
Nupson Henry 1857 Fillmore 
Nutting E G 1854 Rice

Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now." 

Last Names beginning with "M"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Mabin Mrs Sarah Moffet  1849Ramsey 
MacDonald A  1855Ramsey 
MacDonald C F   1855Stearns
MacDonald James  1856Ramsey 
MacDonald John   1855 Ramsey 
MacGregor John   1855Hennepin 
Mackdonald J F   Stearns 
Macklett Mrs Caroline  1857Ramsey 
Macomber J Franklin  1854Hennepin 
Maher John    1858Ramsey 
Mahony Stephen   1855Hennepin
Malloy James  1853Washington 
Malloy Robert 1853Washington 
Maloney Mrs Marie  Hennepin
Mantor A F 1856 Kandiyohi 
Mantor Edward    Ramsey 
Mantor Mrs Sarah      1860Ramsey 
Mantor Riley  1853Dodge 
Markham James    1856Chisago 
Markham Mathew  1851Olmsted 
Martin Arthur  1856Ramsey 
Martin John  1854Hennepin 
Martini R  1854Ramsey 
Marty Fred    Chisago 
Marvin Charles   1853Ramsey 
Marvin Richard  1851Ramsey 
Masterman Mrs Eliza  1845Washington
Mathes Mrs Helen  1856 Hennepin
Mathias T E  1855Ramsey 
Mattison Mrs Abby  1856Dakota 
Maul John    1857Hennepin 
Maul Mrs John   1866Hennepin 
May William   1855 Washington 
May Mrs William  1847Washington 
Mayall Mrs J H  1852Ramsey 
Mayo F G  1856Hennepin 
McAllister Henry    1857Hennepin
McArthur Daniel  1857Lincoln 
McCarron Charles 1852 Ramsey 
McCarter D N  1855Ramsey 
McCarthy Mrs Margaret   1849 Hennepin
McCartney John   1854 Lincoln 
McCauley Thomas  1855Ramsey 
McClary James    1856Hennepin 
McClay Samuel  1854Hennepin 
McCleary Mrs R E  1854Ramsey 
McColum J B   Rock 
McCrae James Calvin  1854Morrison 
McCumber Cyrus 1850 Hennepin 
McCumber Mrs M B  1873Hennepin 
McDermott D F    Swift 
McDonald John    1847Stearns 
McDonell Duncan  1856 Hennepin 
McFarlane John    1857Hennepin 
McFarlane Margaretta   1857Hennepin 
McGee Amos 1855 Benton 
McGee G R  1855Benton 
McGeehan John   1856 Ramsey
McGeehan Joseph   1857 Ramsey 
McGray William  1855Washington 
McGuire Frank  1855Ramsey
McHattie Ellen 1856 Washington
McHattie Mrs Jane  1845Washington 
McHattie Mrs Margaret  1845Washington
McIntyre A P  1857Washington 
McIntyre Jesse  1855Goodhue 
McKenzie Mrs Kate Barnes  1856Hennepin
McKusick Freeman   1853 Hennepin 
McKusick Judson Wade  1853Washington
McKusick Mrs Wade  1844Washington 
McLagan Mrs Alice 1850 Hennepin 
McLoughlin J H  1855Lac Qui Parle 
McLoughlin James    Blue Earth 
McLure John 1855Morrison 
McManus P H  1856Ramsey 
McMillan Mrs Lillian    1856Hennepin
McNeely John    1854Fillmore 
McPherson Gertrude Butler  Washington
Meacham Andrew   1855Ramsey 
Meacham Mary Raymond  1857Ramsey 
Mead Milo  1856 Hennepin 
Mead P H 1857 Ramsey 
Meadows Mrs Mate  1856Hennepin 
Mealey Tobias  1855Wright 
Mealey W P 1856 Hennepin 
Meigs M E  Washington 
Melder John   1856Freeborn 
Mendenhall Mrs Abby J  Hennepin 
Mendenhall R J  1856Hennepin 
Merrick A H  1855Ramsey 
Merrill M D  1855Ramsey 
Merrill Mrs Emily  1856 Ramsey
Merriman Mrs Effie    1857Hennepin 
Merritt Alfred   1856St Louis
Merritt L  1857St Louis 
Merritt Leonidas  1856St Louis 
Merritt Mrs Hepsibeth  1856St Louis
Messenger A E  1852Ramsey 
Metzgar Frank  1855Ramsey 
Metzgar Mrs Margaret   1857 Hennepin
Metzgar W T  1857Hennepin 
Middleton James  1845Ramsey 
Miller Charles   1856Ramsey 
Miller Margaret 1856 Ramsey 
Miller Mrs Catherine  1854Hennepin 
Mills Henry L  1855Ramsey 
Milnor Mrs Jennie 1868 Hennepin 
Milnor Philip F 1856 Hennepin 
Minea John  1856Ramsey 
Minea Peter  1856Ramsey
Mitchell William    1857Stearns 
Mitsch Mrs Maria  1853Ramsey 
Mix Charles    1852Polk 
Mobeck Charles  1853Chisago 
Mobeck L F  1853Chisago 
Moffatt Michael  1855Washington 
Montague R J  1856Polk 
Montgomery J C  1856LeSueur 
Montgomery Thomas  1856Ramsey 
Montour Joseph  1847Ramsey 
Mooney J W  1856Hennepin 
Moore H Lee  1855Hennepin
Moore Mrs Flora   1855 Hennepin 
Moore Oliver  Fillmore 
Moore Winchester   1856Hennepin 
Moran David 1849 Morrison
Morey Mrs Jennie    Hennepin
Morey Reuben  1857Ramsey
Morgan Mrs Carrie  1857Goodhue
Morrill A A  1856Morrison 
Morrison Clinton   1855Hennepin
Morrison Dow  1848Ramsey
Morrison Mrs Dow  1850Ramsey 
Morrison Frank 1848 Ramsey 
Morrison James    1856 Ramsey
Morrison Martin 1856Sibley 
Morrison Samuel  1858Polk 
Mortimer Elias    1854Hennepin 
Mortimer Mrs Altina  1868 Hennepin 
Morton A D 1854 Hennepin 
Morton Dewit   1856Ramsey 
Morton George 1856 Ramsey 
Moses W W  1856Lyon 
Moss Henry    1848Ramsey 
Moss Mrs Amanda    1848Ramsey 
Mott Rodney   1856Rice 
Moulton Isaac  1856 LaCrosse WI 
Mouseau Mrs Sarah  Hennepin
Movers Calvin  1856Wright 
Mower Gratia    1843Washington 
Muehlberg Herman 1855 Carver 
Mulvey James  1853Washington
Munch Adolph 1852 Ramsey 
Muncy James  1852Morrison 
Munger A S  1856Hennepin 
Munger R C  1857Ramsey 
Munger R S  1857 St Louis 
Munger W R  1852Washington
Munn Robert  1855Hennepin 
Munson Mrs Dianthe    1857Hennepin 
Murch Mrs Nellie  1854Hennepin 
Murch William   1850Hennepin 
Murphy A R  1855Hennepin 
Murphy Timothy  1856Ramsey 
Murphy Timothy 1856 Fessenden ND 
Murphy William 1854 Ramsey 
Murray F C    Douglas 
Murray F E 1854 Wadena 
Murray William Pitt  1849Ramsey 
Myrick F C  1856Pembina ND 
Myrick Nathan  1848Ramsey