The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Last Names beginning with "K"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Keane William  1855Ramsey 
Keene William H  1851Washington 
Keim Peter  1856Ramsey 
Keller Charles  1854Ramsey 
Keller Julius 1857 Ramsey
Keller W G 1856 Freeborn 
Kelly Anthony   Hennepin
Kelly Arthur    1854Jamestown ND
Kelly Mrs Arthur    1858 Jamestown ND
Kelly James  1850Polk 
Kelly Mrs Annie   1857Hennepin 
Kelly William  1855Rice 
Kenaly Thomas  1855 Ramsey
Keniston Henry   1854Hennepin 
Kenkel John 1855 Ramsey 
Kenney John    1853Morrison 
Kenning Charles  1856Renville 
Kent H H 1850 Ramsey 
Kernan James   1855Morrison
Kerwin John  1857Ramsey 
Kiefer Emilia    1855Ramsey 
Kieth Mrs H C  Hennepin
Kimball Edward    1857 Hennepin
Kimball Mrs Emily      1863Hennepin
King C C  1856 Ramsey
King Edward   1857  Hennepin
King James 1855  Ramsey
King James 1857  Ramsey
King Mrs C C 1854  Ramsey
King Mrs Melissa  1859  Hennepin
King Osmyn B 1856  Hennepin
Kingsbury D L 1856  Ramsey
Kingsbury Mrs Anna    1854  Ramsey
Kingsley A D 1852 Wabasha 
Kittleson Charles 1857  Hennepin
Klein George 1856  Hennepin
Knauft Charles  1851  Ramsey
Knauft Ferdinand   1851Ramsey
Knight William   1854Hennepin 
Knott Caesar  1855Scott 
Knox A M  1851Yellow Medicine
Knox Charles    1855Fillmore 
Knox George    1856Olmsted 
Knudson George  1857Watonwan 
Koedell Mrs Mary  1856Ramsey
Koedell Peter  1856Ramsey 
Kohler Jacob  1854Ramsey 
Kohlman W  1854Ramsey 
Koons Jacob  1857Sibley 

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now." 

Last Names beginning with "L"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Laines Charlotte    1857Ramsey 
Lake A L  1856Ramsey 
Lambert J M  1856Morrison 
Lambert R L   1855Morrison 
Lambert W T   1855Morrison 
Lammers L F 1855 Jackson 
Lammers Mrs L F 1883 Jackson 
Lane Freeman    1862Hennepin 
Lane James  1859Washington 
Lane James S  1852Hennepin 
Lane Mrs Aubine 1856 Hennepin 
Lane Mrs Ella   1854Hennepin 
Lane Mrs Mollie 1854 Hennepin 
Langum S A  1857Fillmore 
Laramee Louis  1857Hennepin 
Laramee Mrs Alphonsine    Hennepin
Laramy John   Washington 
Laramy W L  1856Washington 
Laramy Mrs W L  1857Washington 
Laraway Mrs Abby F  1857Hennepin 
Laraway O M  1857Hennepin
Larpenteur A L  1843Ramsey 
Larpenteur Mrs A L  1845Ramsey
Lata Henderson      Ramsey 
Lathrop E R   Dakota 
Latta B A    Ramsey 
Lauderdale J W  1851Ramsey 
Lauderdale Mrs J W 1851 Ramsey 
Lauderdale William   1854Hennepin
Laurent George 1852 Ramsey 
Lawrence Adelaide    1856Hennepin 
Lawrence W H  Hennepin
Lawton Albert    1857Ramsey 
Layman Jerome    Hennepin 
Leach William    1857Hennepin 
Leaming Alonzo  Hennepin
Leavens E N  1855Rice 
Lee L J  1853Ramsey 
Lee Orrin  1855Steele 
Lee William   1857 Todd 
Leitner J P  1856Ramsey 
Lennan I P  1854Hennepin 
Leo Patrick  1857Ramsey 
Leonard Mrs Josephine    1879Hennepin
Leonard W H  1855Hennepin 
Levens Eden   1855Rice 
Lewark W L   Ramsey 
Leyde F A  1857Ramsey
Libby A D  1856Hennepin 
Libby R C  1854Dakota 
Lichtenthaler Mrs Eleanor   1856 Hennepin
Liep William  1854Ramsey 
Lightbourn D C  1858Norman 
Lightbourne E S  1857Ramsey 
Lightbourne Mrs S S H 1849Ramsey 
Lincoln Isaac  1856Ramsey 
Lincoln Mrs Isaac 1856 Ramsey 
Lindeke A H 1857 Ramsey 
Lindholm A T  1856Washington 
Lindholm Mrs A T  1857Washington 
Linn John 1853 Chisago 
Linnell O M  1857Ramsey 
Linz Francis 1853 Ramsey 
Logan John   1855Morrison 
Lohman J H 1856Ramsey 
Lorenz William  Hennepin
Lovejoy Carrie    1857Hennepin 
Lovejoy Mrs E Louise  1857Hennepin 
Lovejoy Stephen    1854Hennepin 
Lowell Charles    Dakota 
Lowell R M  1850Hennepin 
Lowell Mrs R M  x18501850
Loye Mrs Antoinette Palmer  1853Hennepin
Loye Samuel    1857Hennepin 
Ludwig Leonard  1856Ramsey 
Lum Emily    1854 Hennepin 
Lum Silas    1855Hennepin 
Lund R O  1857Goodhue 
Lydiard David   1854 Hennepin 
Lyman H M  1850Hennepin 
Lyman Mrs Arletta     1857Hennepin
Lynch Timothy  1857Dodge 
Lynch Mrs Timothy  Dodge 
Lyon L W   Ramsey 
Lyon Orson  1854Olmsted 
Lyons John  Ramsey
Lyons Maurice  1856Ramsey

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Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900