The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 - Incorporated 1924

Members of the Minnesota

Territorial Pioneers in 1900

Last Names beginning with "F"


NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Faber Nicholas  1852Ramsey 
Fairbanks B L  1856Becker 
Fairchild H S  1857Ramsey 
Fallon Charles 1854 Ramsey 
Farmer B F  1857Fillmore 
Farnham Horace M  1852Hennepin 
Farnham Mrs Eunice Estes  Hennepin
Farnham Mrs Luvina 1849 Hennepin 
Farnham Rufus  Hennepin
Farnham S S  1848Hennepin 
Farnham Sumner  Hennepin
Farr Joseph  1850Ramsey 
Farr Mrs Joseph 1860 Ramsey 
Farrant Emil  1854Hennepin 
Farrell James  1857 Ramsey 
Farrell M B  1857Ramsey 
Farrington John  1850Ramsey 
Fell Mrs Elvina   1852Washington DC 
Fell Vickers  1851Washington DC 
Ferguson Samuel  1856Hennepin 
Ferguson W H   1856Hennepin 
Ferguson W H 1854 Hennepin 
Fetherspil John 1854 Morrison 
Field Ellen  1855Ramsey 
Finch William 1857 Riverside CA 
Fisk Mrs Woodbury  Hennepin
Fitsam Henry   1856Morrison
Fitzgerald John   1855Ramsey 
Fix David   Hennepin 
Flanders Leonard  1854Wright 
Flandreau Charles   1853Ramsey
Flannery George 1855 Hennepin 
Flannery Mrs Alice   Hennepin
Fleetham Mrs J B  Hennepin
Fletcher Loren   1856Hennepin
Fletcher Mrs Ada   1856Benton
Fletcher William  1856Benton 
Flint Mrs C M 1856 Ramsey 
Flood Mrs Ellen   1850Hennepin 
Flynn Nicholas 1851 Ramsey 
Folsom E A  1856Washington 
Folsom Levi    1852Chisago 
Folsom W H C  Chisago
Folsom Wallace   1857Hennepin 
Folsom Wyman    1845Chisago
Ford Fayette    1857McLeod 
Ford Franklin   1844Washington
Ford Mrs Fayette   1857McLeod 
Foss D M  1855Hennepin 
Foster Lysander    1849Hennepin
Foster Mrs Ramsey  Hennepin
Fountain Louis 1851 Polk 
Fowler George 1857 Martin 
Francisco J J    Hennepin 
Frank John Leroy 1855 WI 
Fredeen Andrew  1855 Chisago 
Fredeen Mrs A E  1878Chisago 
Freeman Daniel  1857 Stearns 
Freeman Mark  1856Freeborn 
Freeman William 1856 Freeborn 
Friedman Jacob  1856Stearns 
Friel James 1856 Dakota 
Friend Charles  1857 Ramsey 
Frink Adam  1855Ramsey 
Frink F W 1854 Rice 
Fritz Peter    1855Ramsey 
Fuller Charles  1856Hennepin 
Fuller Henry   1855Wadena 
Fuller Jed     Hennepin 
Fuller Mrs Olive  1856 Hennepin 
Fuller Stephen  1855 Morrison 
Furlong John 1856 Mower
Furnell James  1856 Ramsey 
Furnell Milton   1848Ramsey 
Furness Mrs Marion   1853Ramsey 

Last Names beginning with "E"

NameYear in MN1900-County of Residence
Eagan Joseph 1857Ramsey
Eastlund Olof 1856 Isanti 
Eastman Arthur 1855Ramsey 
Eastman George 1858Hennepin 
Eastman J W  Hennepin
Eastman Job  1853Anoka 
Eastman Mrs J W  Hennepin
Eastman William 1854 Hennepin 
Easton A B  1857Washington
Easton W E  1857Washington 
Eaton Charles  1853Ramsey 
Eberhard H P  1854Houston 
Eberman W S 1856 Ramsey 
Eddy A J 1857 Rice 
Eddy Frank  1856  Pope 
Eddy H W 1858 Ramsey 
Eddy John    1856Hennepin 
Eddy Mary  1856Hennepin
Edgerton George 1854 Dodge
Edwards Miss Catherine 1853 Hennepin
Ehlers Mrs E E  1854Hennepin
Ellickson Edling   Freeborn
Elliot Daniel  Hennepin
Elliot Mrs Daniel  1854Hennepin
Elliot Mrs Mary1867  Hennepin 
Elliot Wyman  1854Hennepin
Ellison Smith  1844Chisago 
Elwell Tallmage 1852 Hennepin 
Ely Henry 1856St Louis
Emerson E H 1855 Dodge
Emmel Henry   1856Stearns 
Emmel John   1857Stearns
Engebritson Embril 1853 Goodhue 
Enke John   1854Lincoln 
Eshelman Mrs Ida   1858Ramsey 
Estabrook Ira D 1856 Ramsey
Esterbrook Mrs G M  1853Washington 
Esterbrooks G M  Washington
Evans Chester  1856Hennepin 
Evenson Andrew   Meeker 
Evenson Evan  1857Meeker 

from the "Proceedings and Report of the Annual Meetings

of the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers" published in 1901.

NOTE: Over the years the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers have gifted many of our records to the care of the Minnesota Historical Society. As a result, our ability to research the backgrounds of every past member is often limited. Although not specifically identified, among the individuals listed here will be found ex-governors, United States senators, members of congress, members of territorial and state legislatures, army and navy officers, judges of supreme and district courts, eminent divines, leading members of the bar, state, county, town and United states officers, editors, doctors, farmers, horticulturists and leading manufacturers of the time. The list here is provided for general research, historical, and educational value only, and contains some incomplete information. You can obtain an official list of members from 1899 from our online store, in the souvenir publication, "Then and Now."